Overwhelmed by never-ending content creation? Don’t panic.

Our current focus on content marketing as part of our greater strategic marketing plan prioritises the urgency to create blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, reports, and much more at lightning speed with the sole purpose of getting them into the hands of our “ready and waiting” buyer personas, has created a frenzy like never before.

Everywhere you turn, inbound marketing and content marketing experts are pounding you with the mantra of “content is king” and you inexplicably feel a sense of desperation to create more content, quicker and faster.

But like my Apple Watch constantly reminds me, we need to collectively take a step back and “BREATHE”. Why are we creating that much content in the first place? Does the immense amount truly serve a purpose and the customers we’re trying to reach? Or are we creating content just for content sake?

Focus on quality, not quantity

Somewhere along the way in the content creation hysteria, we’ve abandoned quality over quantity and the internet is littered with a dearth of bland, uninspiring, seen-it-all-before jumble of words that is a result of our need to create more content to simply tick the proverbial box that we’ve done right by our inbound marketing and content marketing strategy. 

As marketers, we’ve forgotten that our fundamental purpose is to help brands connect with their target audiences, build relationships at scale, and create perceived value at each touchpoint.

When was the last time we stopped to ask ourselves if each piece of content we create supports this primary function? Have we even considered if writing that piece of content is the right tactic and approach? 

Ask ‘WHY’

A client recently asked during our quarterly marketing plan review, “How many pieces of content do we need to create to get us more good leads?” And there lies the crux of the problem – the focus should not be on how many pieces to create, but of what quality and for what purpose.

Before you create the next blog or video, ask yourself:

  • Is this the best way to showcase the info or should you use another tactic?
  • Why is this needed?
  • What objective or goal does it serve?
  • Is the topic something your audience wants or needs to learn more about?
  • Does it support your buyers’ journey and decision-making process?
  • Is the information already out there and easily accessible?
  • What unique point of view or insight does the piece provide?

If you are unable to come up with sound answers to all these questions, start over and come up with a topical focus that solves a relevant challenge that will bring value to your audience.

Marketing is not just all about content creation

Most of all, don’t panic if you don’t have the ability to create a ton of content, as that should not be what you focus all your marketing efforts around. Instead, gain a deep understanding of your buyer personas and their buying journey to identify the multiple ways and touchpoints they would interact with your brand to help you develop a multi-channel marketing strategy and approach to reach out with value... each and every time.

I’d love to hear your ideas and approaches to content creation and managing the stress. 

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Justina Phoon

Justina Phoon

Director, Marketing & Brand at Rice Studios | She partners with clients to develop their marketing communications, branding and social media initiatives to build brand value, drive demand and generate leads.


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