Is Content Still King? Adding new content is vital!

How often should I add new content?

Content has always ruled the internet and it will never stop. Keeping your content fresh and new is vital in attracting new audiences. But coming up with new content doesn’t always mean sitting down and writing that next great piece that the internet will blow up over. It could be easily a short commentary on a bit of the news of the day. Providing commentary on a recent piece of news, or a few handy tips and tricks can help boost your attraction.

Break the monotony of the internet

How did a debate on the colour of a dress blow up the internet?! Thousands upon thousands simply joining into the conversation skyrocketed a seemingly mundane observation. Humans just can’t help themselves! It’s just a basic example of how the simple things in life can suddenly turn into something ridiculously huge! The internet is full of the ‘same stuff’ and we quickly draw upon  something that just breaks that monotony of content that just sounds the same.

We could all use a good laugh and sometimes the unintentional can end up being the best way to attract a new group of visitors that otherwise would have had no way of finding you.

Take the reddit photoshop battle that turned a dog and his owner into full internet hilarity.

Discover new content everyday

Keeping your content fresh

How often should I add new content

Although it looks to be all unintentional, thanks to the internet’s full desire to find out who you are in real, we discover that our subject turns out to be the president of Save Our Street Dogs Singapore a very decent cause.

So the next time you’re stuck on posting that next bit of material, perhaps think about breaking the monotony of the net, and spicing things up a little. You never know what could happen!

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